The Hackathon Song ♪

Coders and hackers, ready to change the world, and the hackathon is the perfect place. But things don’t always go as planned…


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It's so exciting watching my life unfurl,
At a time when geeks like me can change the world.
There's a hackathon tonight and if it works out alright
I can improve society, oh yes, improve society.

But a VC* will be there with money in his wallet.
If I pitch him like a boss I could get funding for my project.
A seven-figure sum and I'll be crushin' everyone
At the hackathon tonight. At the hackathon tonight.

There are prizes up for grabs if I can't get paid.
My phone is six months old, y'know I need to upgrade.
I can surely win some gadgets if I sweet-talk with judges
At the hackathon tonight. At the hackathon tonight.

Now the Red Bull's on the table and I'm ready to go.
I've got Sublime 5 open on my MacBook Pro.
I'll type at twenty words a minute, yeah, I'm really gonna kill it
At the hackathon tonight. At the hackathon tonight.

The buzzer's gone, we're underway. My chance to shine has come.
The cable mess around me shows I'm hacker number one.

The framework that I'm using's not in alpha yet.
I'm coding on the bleeding edge but starting to regret.

Just to set up the environment has taken so much time.
The clock is ticking down, I haven't written a single line.

Now the wifi's cutting out, I've got a dying battery,
I've got conflict after conflict in my Git repository.

The deadline is approaching and there's still a bug to mend
But my code is obfuscated. Will this nightmare never end?

My time ran out and I had to stop.
Instead of showing a demo I used Photoshop.
I tried to change society but it wasn't to be
At the hackathon tonight. At the hackathon tonight.
I know next time it'll be alright.

* VC: venture capitalist

Released under a Creative Commons (attribution, non-commercial) license and the video was made using Prezi.

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