Song: Oh! Selector ♪ Downloads Get high quality versions of this song from iTunes and Bandcamp.Also, free not-quite-so-high quality downloads are available from SoundCloud and Lyrics Now when I was a young boy startin' out in this industry I remember this pearl of wisdom that the internet gave to me. To manipulate or decorate something on a web page First ya gotta grab … Continue reading Song: Oh! Selector ♪

On Vendor Prefixes — An Interview With Dr. Stanley Dards

At last, the existence of vendor prefixes, one of my pet peeves, is under the spotlight. Also at last, the fact that not all modern browsers are WebKit (shock!) is getting some attention. I (personally) believe vendor prefixes cause more harm than the problem they were designed to solve, namely how to elegantly introduce experimental … Continue reading On Vendor Prefixes — An Interview With Dr. Stanley Dards

CSS3 Song

OK, so it’s not just for web animation, and you might need more than one line of code, but CSS3 is still cool and worthy of its very own song. Video URL (with captions): Downloads For your downloading pleasure, here are the video and audio–only files. Video (WebM): CSS3 Song.webm (20.2 MB) Audio (Ogg): CSS3 Song.ogg … Continue reading CSS3 Song