Best Open Source Documentation

Having written a fair bit of technical documentation, this tweet requesting recommendations for the best open source docs caught my eye: What's the best documentation you've ever seen for an open source project? (And what makes it so good?) — Erin Kissane (@kissane) September 26, 2016 Thankfully lots of people were keen to suggest good examples … Continue reading Best Open Source Documentation

Song: Oh! Selector ♪ Downloads Get high quality versions of this song from iTunes and Bandcamp.Also, free not-quite-so-high quality downloads are available from SoundCloud and Lyrics Now when I was a young boy startin' out in this industry I remember this pearl of wisdom that the internet gave to me. To manipulate or decorate something on a web page First ya gotta grab … Continue reading Song: Oh! Selector ♪

Responsive Is Not Just Visual: Three Useful Web APIs

Mobile users are on the go. They’re rushing to get a train or busy meeting people. They don’t have much time and they’re on a slow connection. Right? The answer of course is not necessarily. So-called mobile browsing could include shopping online while tucked up in bed, sending messages while watching TV or giggling at … Continue reading Responsive Is Not Just Visual: Three Useful Web APIs

My Two Favourite (underused) HTML5 Media Features

Both of these are stable, simple and useful, yet they don’t seem to be used much in the wild (yet). Maybe it’s just lack of awareness so here are a couple of demos to hopefully generate a bit of interest. Page Visibility API In first place it has to be the Page Visibility API. Supported in all … Continue reading My Two Favourite (underused) HTML5 Media Features