Online Safety Basics: Clicking & Downloading

Now our child is using computers and the web more and more, I’ve been thinking a lot about protecting children on the internet. There seems to be an endless list of things you should and shouldn’t do but I was struck by some simple advice in the latest Security Now episode (#507) that provides a lot of … Continue reading Online Safety Basics: Clicking & Downloading

Screen Readers 1, Humans 0

Spoken version: Yesterday I sent out a one-question survey on Twitter about screen readers. I’d had this fantastic idea for a website plugin that would enable blog editors to easily record an audio version of their blog posts when publishing [1]. Vision-impaired users would rejoice, website traffic would shoot up and I’d be rich and famous. … Continue reading Screen Readers 1, Humans 0

Responsive Is Not Just Visual: Three Useful Web APIs

Mobile users are on the go. They’re rushing to get a train or busy meeting people. They don’t have much time and they’re on a slow connection. Right? The answer of course is not necessarily. So-called mobile browsing could include shopping online while tucked up in bed, sending messages while watching TV or giggling at … Continue reading Responsive Is Not Just Visual: Three Useful Web APIs

Song: Waiting to Load ♪

A short song about the frustrations of slow websites, especially on mobile. Go to the song’s SoundCloud page to download, leave a comment, etc. Lyrics My heart is pounding as I step off the train So excited to finally see you again. I forgot the address of our meeting place tonight So I get out my … Continue reading Song: Waiting to Load ♪

The Internet, the Web and an Old Book

Not long ago, I was explaining to a translator the difference between the Internet and the Web. Understandably they thought they were the same thing, as most people do. Jump forward a few weeks and I’m packing boxes ready to move house, wondering what I can throw out. A dusty edition of Running Linux from 1996 — … Continue reading The Internet, the Web and an Old Book