Best Open Source Documentation

Having written a fair bit of technical documentation, this tweet requesting recommendations for the best open source docs caught my eye: What's the best documentation you've ever seen for an open source project? (And what makes it so good?) — Erin Kissane (@kissane) September 26, 2016 Thankfully lots of people were keen to suggest good examples … Continue reading Best Open Source Documentation

How the Japanese Communicate: Alphabet

This is a short primer about the way Japanese people communicate with each other with writing. It won't teach you how to read, write or speak Japanese but it should hopefully be enlightening for people with no previous knowledge. Let’s kick off by looking at the alphabets (yes, plural) that Japanese people use. Just a … Continue reading How the Japanese Communicate: Alphabet

Free online web development checkers

Inspired by a forum post I came across the other day I’ve compiled a list of free online checkers/validators for web developers. Please let me know if you’re aware of others. (Updated 16th September 2010) (X)HTML – The daddy of validators and your first port of call – Maybe your second port of … Continue reading Free online web development checkers