“Brand New” Mitch Hedberg Jokes (Thanks to AI)

With the incredible capabilities of ChatGPT released last week, it got me wondering what AI would struggle with, at least in the foreseeable future. Ethics? Very likely. Authentic emotion? Probably. How about humour? Let's find out… Being a Brit, I should probably choose Monty Python or the like, but if there's one comedian whose joke … Continue reading “Brand New” Mitch Hedberg Jokes (Thanks to AI)

Best Open Source Documentation

Having written a fair bit of technical documentation, this tweet requesting recommendations for the best open source docs caught my eye: What's the best documentation you've ever seen for an open source project? (And what makes it so good?) — Erin Kissane (@kissane) September 26, 2016 Thankfully lots of people were keen to suggest good examples … Continue reading Best Open Source Documentation

How to Roll Crêpes (pancakes) by a Real French Person

Being British I’m naturally a connoisseur of fine cuisine but I’ve never mastered pancake-folding, crêpe-rolling, whatever you like to call it — until now. My friend and genuine femme française Coralie developed the perfect pancake preparation process but alas, it’s only in French! Perhaps it’s a government conspiracy to preserve tradition. Perhaps she enjoys the sight of Englishmen dribbling … Continue reading How to Roll Crêpes (pancakes) by a Real French Person

Online Safety Basics: Clicking & Downloading

Now our child is using computers and the web more and more, I’ve been thinking a lot about protecting children on the internet. There seems to be an endless list of things you should and shouldn’t do but I was struck by some simple advice in the latest Security Now episode (#507) that provides a lot of … Continue reading Online Safety Basics: Clicking & Downloading

Tech Event Planning Checklist

This is mostly a reminder for myself when planning future tech events (meetups, hackathons, etc.) but others might find it useful too. Just print it out and cross off the bits that aren’t relevant. It’s based on my experience as an organiser, speaker and attendee but if I’ve forgotten something please leave a comment. Early … Continue reading Tech Event Planning Checklist

Screen Readers 1, Humans 0

Spoken version: Yesterday I sent out a one-question survey on Twitter about screen readers. I’d had this fantastic idea for a website plugin that would enable blog editors to easily record an audio version of their blog posts when publishing [1]. Vision-impaired users would rejoice, website traffic would shoot up and I’d be rich and famous. … Continue reading Screen Readers 1, Humans 0