How to Roll Crêpes (pancakes) by a Real French Person

Being British I’m naturally a connoisseur of fine cuisine but I’ve never mastered pancake-folding, crêpe-rolling, whatever you like to call it — until now. My friend and genuine femme française Coralie developed the perfect pancake preparation process but alas, it’s only in French! Perhaps it’s a government conspiracy to preserve tradition. Perhaps she enjoys the sight of Englishmen dribbling melted ice-cream down their shirts. In any case the secret’s out. This is what she has to say…

The technique

  1. Spread your favourite mixture on your crêpe. Me, I usually spread a layer of Nutella and sprinkle a small amount of caster sugar (to make it crispy).
  2. Take one edge and fold over one third of the crêpe. Take the opposite edge of the crêpe and fold it over by the same amount so that you have an oblong that is the length of the crêpe and one third the width.
  3. Roll the crêpe in the direction of the length.
  4. Munch like a spring roll.


  • A better grip. You only need one hand to hold it.
  • No leakage. Your mixture is secure in your watertight crêpe.
  • The cross-section is very pretty to look at. (There are those for whom this matters.)
  • Time saving. Rolling time is slightly better than with classic rolling or folding. On the other hand, eating time will unquestionably be faster, which enables you to scoff a greater quantity of crêpes.

Et voila. According to Coralie there are no disadvantages. But really, Nutella AND sugar?!

Photo by Paul Downey:

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