QR codes – with an extra dimension

After thinking a bit more about logos in QR codes (the fun never stops!), it occurred to me that instead of obscuring some of the code’s appearance with a logo, you could obscure some of the code’s appearance time with a logo. In other words, make it animated with the logo disappearing or shrinking to some extent and it would still be readable. This has the added of benefit of not needing a high error correction level so you can keep the whole image small.

Here’s a quick 29×29 attempt made with the lovely Gimp using Demonstro’s nice alternative Opera logo:

Animated Opera QR code

N.B. If you can’t see it moving please try using a different browser.

At the end of the day, it’s still an animated image which some people find annoying but at least it has a purpose.

I have more ideas but that’s enough excitement for now…

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