iPad rivals – where are you?

After using the iPad it doesn’t take long to see that there’s definitely a place in the market for this device. Maybe not as a work machine but for surfing on the sofa or even the kitchen, it’s perfect. Apple’s strict 1984-like eco-system, however, is not so appealing so I’m eager to see what its competitors can come up with. As of May 2010, this is what the tablet landscape looks like.


RIM are rumoured to be building a tablet. They have ordered lots of 8.9 inch displays from a company called Hon Hai. A source from within that company said the project was code-named BlackPad and the device is smaller and thinner than the iPad. Supposedly comes out in 2011.



The Dell Streak is another rumoured device (7″ and 10″) based on a report from Engadget and the following Tweet from MTV executive Greg Clayman:

Sending this from a Dell Streak. This device is a amazing.



The HP Slate was officially announced at CES in January 2010. At first was due to use Windows 7 but now HP has bought Palm, hopefully the tablet will use the highly-acclaimed webOS.


Lenovo IdeaPad U1 hybrid – not their only tablet but looks most interesting. Available summer 2010.



Nokia tablet rumoured for release in October or November of 2010.



Samsung has the Q1 (tablet with hardware keypad) but is apparently working on a tablet to be released in the second half of 2010.



Toshiba is officially working on two tablets, one running Android and the other running Windows 7 and having two screens.


Obviously there are other tablet rumours around. Whatever happens, I just want more competition in the marketplace, and soon!


Oh no, how could I forget the highly-respected Archos?! They already have a collection of tablets powered by both Windows and Android. Looking forward to seeing their next offering…


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