LinkedIn Data Sharing? No Thank You

Checking LinkedIn settings for the first time in several years, I was disappointed to see their data-sharing options have multiplied, and they’re all set to “On”. 😠

Screenshot of LinkedIn Advertising Data options, showing them set to On.

According to the individual data pages, these are some of the ways they use user data:

  • Your location, gender, age, education, employment history, etc. is used “to show you more relevant ads”.
  • Websites you visit are shared with other websites “to help them better understand their audiences”.
  • Data is sent to “trusted 3rd-party partners” for “research”.

To check your LinkedIn settings and to opt out, here’s the link:

Go to the “Advertising data” and “Data privacy” sections, and then the various option pages one by one.

If LinkedIn (or indeed any web service) really valued users’ privacy, they would:

  • Make data-sharing options off by default.
  • Add a single global “No data sharing” option.

Come on LinkedIn, do the right thing.

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